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These Animal Men documentary

Peace and love to the following (witting and unwitting) contributors (in random order):

Simon J for loads of bits, but mainly for starting the e-mail forum and rejuvenating my interest in all of this
Anne B for guitar tabs and the definative commandments
Paul Reeves for guitar tabs and other little bits
Stefan M for loads of the guitar tabs
Adele for loads of live pics and (I think) one of the tabs
Inga R for gig reviews and other stuff all over the forum
Jay M for a load of pix from articles, the Babylon cover, the Arthur Kane download, the Wheelers, Dealers MP3's and loads of other stuff, including starting and running the messageboard and the myspace site
Dave S for the Wheelers Dealers cover scan, a US tour poster, the False ID live track, several compilation shots and loads of other trivia
Jason S for the pix of the first demo tape
Cid for some article pix and indeed, one of the articles
Tim W for the Popscene articles
Stephen McK for pix of his T-shirt
Stan for the First Demo MP3's
Mick M for some live pics
Matt H for some early NME and MM scans
Jack R for putting all the single videos onto YouTube

And everyone else who's written in with nice messages or survey answers.