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These Animal Men documentary


(Copied from the article I wrote on Wikipedia)

'''These Animal Men''' were formed in Brighton in around 1990, signing to Hut records, an offshoot of Virgin Records in 1993. They gained fame and/or notoriety with their first few singles which featured many drug references on the sleeves and in the lyrics.

Their first album "(Come on Join) The High Society" was described by the music press, notably the NME, as being part of the "New Wave of New Wave", (alongside contemporaries S*M*A*S*H with whom they shared their first significant release "Wheelers, Dealers, Christine Keelers").

Although this press attention undoubtedly contributed to their initial success (even including a hosting spot on Top of the Pops) the band tried to distance themselves from this movement in interviews. This was perhaps because they realized that when the press interest moved on to the next big thing, Britpop, they would be left behind.

After a three year hiatus, punctuated by only one EP "Taxi for These Animal Men", they returned with their second album in 1997. "Accident and Emergency" had a remarkably different sound with a prevalent hammond organ and a more falsetto vocal style, with Alex almost completely eschewing his previous punk sneer. The band image was also completely changed from skinny-fit Adidas t-shirts and jeans to tight leather jackets and pinstripe trousers, accompanied by matching high feather cut haircuts.

Despite the reported difficulties encountered during recording, including the firing of Stevie (and his replacement by Rob from S*M*A*S*H), "Accident and Emergency" received some critical acclaim, however it had little commercial success and so, by 1998, the band were no more.

For what happened next, see the Now? page.

Alexander Boag: Vocals, lead and rhythm guitars.More info | UBL listing Patrick Murray: Bass guitar.
UBL listing.
  Julian "La Hooligan" Hewings: Guitar & backing vocals.
UBL listing
  Stevie Hussey: Drums & percussion. Left TAM after the recording of A&E.
UBL listing.
      And later, after Stevie left:        
  Craig Warnock: Keys. Then same for MSG. Played 'Kevin' in the python-inhabited film 'Time Bandits' when he was little (Sorry Craig - but I just had to mention it! (Mouseover photo for picture). More info here.   Rob Hague: Drums