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These Animal Men documentary

1994-5 Discography | 1996-7 Discography | Compilations

EMI 1995
Features "Flawed is Beautiful".

Shagging in the Streets
Fierce Panda Various double 7". 6 Trks, NING01
Features "This is the Sound of Youth".

Nings of Desire
Fierce Panda Various
Features "Speeed King".

Home Truths
Mail Order Only for Charity (Shelter).
Features "You're Always Right"
(Recorded Live at Splash Club 02/07/94.)
Download this track as an mp3 here

Volume 14 - Reading 95 Special
Features "False Identification" (live).

hu H Magazine, CD7
Features "You're Always Right"
Modern History - Hut USA sampler
Features "Speeed King"
Don't Get Too Tense - Vernon Yard Recordings sampler
Features "You're Always Right"
(Thanks Dave S for this and Modern History above)

Childline Charity CD
Features "Wichita Lineman".
Noodles in Frenzy
Promo only Hut compilation
Features "Riverboat Captain"
Right Here, Right Now
EMI Gold, 2001
Features "Flawed is Beautiful"

1994-5 Discography | 1996-7 Discography | Compilations