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These Animal Men documentary


Here's all the tracks (as mp3's) I have that aren't on the studio albums and singles, those you can usually get from Ebay if you haven't got them already. I know it's probably a bit naughty, but there's no other way to get hold of these, so, tough. If you feel guilty you could bung a couple of quid to Childline, which is the charity the Home Truths track was in aid of. Please don't download more than once - as the bandwidth costs me money :)

Untitled First Demo

1 S&M (2.4Mb) | 2 I Know It's Hard (3.7Mb) | 3 Go (3.3Mb) | 4 Colonel Bill (3.8Mb) | 5 Subculture (2.2Mb) | 6 Shine (2.8Mb) - Thanks to Stan

Are You Inexperienced?

1 How's Your Revolution (3.7Mb) | 2 Yes Man (3.3Mb) | 3 Halleluya (4.2Mb) | 4 Go (5.2Mb)

Wheelers, Dealers & Christine Keelers

1 I Am the Best Boy (4.5Mb) | 2 Glenn Campbell (4.3Mb) | 3 Not Your Babylon (7.4Mb) | 4 Ambulance (6.6Mb) | (Interlude) (1.1Mb) | 5 Globeshine (3.5Mb) - Thanks to Jay M

Short live set

1 Too Sussed | 2 False Identification | 3 You're Always Right | 4 Speeed King | 5 We Are Living


Home (6Mb)
From second album sessions.

You're Always Right (Live, Splash Club, 02/07/94) (2.7Mb)
From Home Truths (Various Artists)

False Identification (Live)
R ecorded for a BBC Radio 1 Evening Session first broadcast March 1, 1995. (Thanks Dave S)

Arthur Kane (Live)
Julian's tribute to the New York Dolls bassist. (Thanks Jay M).

Alternatively pick a jukebox track to listen to while you continue to browse the rest of the site.

Click on song titles to play, click on mute to shut it up. This jukebox requires the Flash 3 plugin. Low quality generally I'm afraid, but at least you don't have to wait for it. If the play stutters it's because you're loading too much other stuff or because your connection's very slow, don't panic, it will come back.

LO: (56k modem) We Are Living Wait For It April 7th Your'e Not My Babylon Every Bullet ('s Got My Name On)
HI: (isdn or better) We Are Living Wait For It April 7th Your'e Not My Babylon Every Bullet ('s Got My Name On)