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These Animal Men, original logo

It's not a crime to have heroes,
but if you never ever look back,
then you'll never ever see that
We Are Living.

These Animal Men - later logo

What's all this then?

Hullo - welcome to my *slightly* obsessive memorial to These Animal Men, a cruelly overlooked band, victims of the medias New-Wave-of-oh-please-just-fuck-off fad building, but still remembered with wide-pupilled glee by many, many sharp kids if all the mails I get are anything to go by.

It'd be good to know what you think too, so please do contact me and say hi after you've had a poke around.

And in other news:

The Orphans debut album out now
| Who the fuck are The Orphans?

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Welcome to Supercharged Soul, the unofficial home of all things These Animal Men.